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The Spa Route in France | Where the waters fleau…

If you follow the “Route des Villes d’Eaux” you’ll come across the town of Volvic, known for its water, sold all over the world. It’s
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The long lost cheese of Auvergne: Le Mont de Courtesserre

Ten years ago, in a small hotel, in a small town called Le Mont-Dore in the Auvergne I stopped for the night en-route to the
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Guide to a weekend in Auvergne

  The Auvergne region is one of the great secrets of France. It’s a region of natural beauty and dramatic landscapes, located midway between Paris
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Discovering the Auvergne in Central France

Out of all the regions, Auvergne is the one where authenticity is preserved and well taken care of. Some old houses and traditional farm cottages
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Auvergne is one of the least populated regions in France.   It is a region of volcanic plateaus and large valleys, mountain ranges and huge craters.
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Puy Lentils from the Auvergne region

For a recipe from Auvergne it couldn’t really be anything but Puy lentils really could it? The tiny lentille du Puy is both a common
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Regional dishes of Auvergne

  The regional dishes of Auvergne tend to be simple, rustic food, nothing fancy just hearty tasty fare. The region is famous for its Charolais
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