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Satellite broadband for expats in France

Fed up with slow or unreliable land line broadband? Satellite broadband is the next generation alternative and we have some amazing prices for 22Mbps satellite
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Setting up Satellite Broadband in France

In a series about setting up internet access via satellite rather than through a conventional phone line, we look at the cost comparison between the
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Satellite Broadband and TV in France | Everything you need to know

  We take a look at satellite broadband in France – if you want to know what satellite broadband in France is all about, this
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Buying a mobile phone in France

The phone, mobile phone and broadband market in particular in France is constantly coming up with deals so it pays to check carefully what your
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Mobile phones in France

Mobile phones in France: there are numerous types of mobile telephone subscription – monthly, annual, prepaid and pay as you go. Prepaid cards are sold
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