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How to pronounce r in French it’s easy when you know how!

In French, even a simple word sounds so classy and chic that many non French speakers fall in love with the language. It also has
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How to drink wine like the French

Wine, cheese and bread are the 3 symbols of French food. But the French don’t drink wine, buy bread and eat cheese like in the
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French Facial Expressions

French facial expressions – or how to speak French without saying a word! 5 Minute French Lesson Anyone who has ever had a conversation with
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Flirting with French by William Alexandra

William Alexandra  is a man with a mission – he wants to learn French, to understand what is is to be French, in fact to
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Fascinating French language facts

Read our top ten fascinating facts about the French language! You may be surprised at how au fait you are with French or aghast at
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Parlez Vous Politeness?!

Our Nice reporter Margo Lestz visits her local café La Petite Syrah in Nice and looks at how minding your manners can significantly reduce the
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Common French Christmas Phrases

Top tips for “French phrases for Christmas”… These are typical French phrases you’ll hear at Christmas time in France, but if you want to use them
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French words and phrases for Train Travel in France

Using trains in France can be a great way to get around for visitors to the country, but so many people worry about not speaking
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Gorgeous Chemist in France

French terms and phrases for a medical emergency

If you should need a doctor, hospital or ambulance in France, these useful words and phrases might help you. If you need to call an
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French words to help you bargain hunt in France

  You scour the stalls of the street markets, haunt the antique shops and comb the second hand sales stores – you spot it, that
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