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My Good Life in France in pursuit of the rural dream house!

When I first set eyes on the run down, neglected and frankly horrible house I now call home, I never ever imagined that so many
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Old French house renovation | The Gym

I bought a wreck of a farm house in France. Dirt floors, corrugated iron doors, holes in the roof, rising damp, descending damp… you name
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Renovation in France: Hall of the old French farmhouse

When I bought the old French farmhouse it wasn’t the hall that sold it to me that’s for sure! A horrible dark, damp and smelly
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The Pig Shed becomes a posh spa

After the external structural work was begun (roof tiles rain down) and the rebuilding was finished (a phoenix arises from the rubble) – it was
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Renovating in France | A phoenix emerges from the rubble

Having removed the roof from the old pig shed (and survived being knocked out by a roof  tile dropped on my head) – we now had
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Renovating in France | Roof tiles rain down from the sky

We (that is me and the Other Half) decided that we would get the structural work done on this old French house before we did
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My French Home Renovation reminiscences!

My French home renovation reminiscences – as renovation continues unabated on this old farm house in Pas-de-Calais, northern France, I was remembering how it was
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Renovating the old French farmhouse – the start

As a project manager in a previous life I am inclined towards being organised. The Other Half – despite having been in several jobs that
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My French House

Renovating the old French farmhouse

This is the Short List table I put together for the renovation work we needed to do to our house, there’s a much longer list
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French house - that first glimpse

My French House | Buying an old farmhouse

When I found the house of my dreams in Pas-de-Calais, France, I took my Dad to see it – his immediate reaction was that it
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