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What You Should Do if You Get Sick in France

France is the world’s top destination for tourists as well as a major destination for foreign students, workers, and expatriates from all over the world.
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Top essentials to take with you when travelling throughout Europe

Every European country has its own rich history and culture, making a continental tour one of those once-in-a-lifetime treks you’ll relive at dinner tables for
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The Essentials Needed on your Travels to France

France is a beautiful country full of exceptional wonder and beauty. For many of us, it’s right on our doorstep as members of the EU,
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EHIC – The European Health Insurance Card

EHIC stands for the European Health Insurance Card. It’s purpose was to provide for “essential care for European holidaymakers in another EU state”. However following
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Doctor in France

How to find a doctor in France for visitors

If you are a foreigner in France you may need to know how to find a doctor in France. If you have private healthcare or
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