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The Good Life France is one of the biggest travel and culture websites about France with more than 1.5 million page views per month.

The Good Life France Magazine is published quarterly. It is the most popular about France magazine in the world with around 2.5 million readers per issue.

The Good Life France Podcast is in the top 5% of podcasts world-wide (launched September 2022)

We have an ever growing, 100% organic and engaged audience. Our social media reach and newsletter subscriber database totals more than 420,000 followers. We work with numerous travel and tour companies, hotels and restaurants, tourist offices, fashion and home-ware companies, property agents and many more companies and brands seeking a highly targeted audience of Francophiles, visitors to and expats in France. Many of our clients have stayed with us for years because we get results. And we’re nice to work with! We treat every client as a partnership.

How The Good Life France can help you

The Good Life France has a very engaged audience – just take a look at any of our social media pages at any time to see how we interact with our audience. We have more than 350,000 followers through Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. It’s not about the number of followers though, it’s ALL about engagement and trust. We only work with companies we trust and endorse products we would use ourselves. Our audience is international, predominantly women aged 34-65. Though global, the majority of our audience is from the US, UK, Australia, France and Canada with a rapidly growing following from Brazil and Japan.

Visitors to our website seek information and recommendations about France. They want to know where to go, what to see, what to do, where to stay, how to speak French, what tour to take, financial advice, home buying, travel and a whole lot more. Everything and anything about France.

We like to build long term partnerships with the people we work with. We look at what you want to achieve and then we’ll propose to you how we can best help you. That may be through sponsored posts, social media mentions, newsletter campaigns, press and FAM trips, adverts on our website or magazine, editorial content, podcast etc. We’re a small team but we have all the skills needed to work with you to make your campaign a success. We have expertise in digital marketing, SEO and social media, professional copy writing (no AI here) and content writing and photography skills.

The Good Life France is one of the Top 100 Travel websites in the world

www.thegoodlifefrance.com has been ranked in the World’s Top 100 Travel Website list since 2018. This highly prestigious and esteemed list ranks the world’s top travel websites on the basis of algorithmic authority.* We are the only website dedicated to travel in France in the top 100.

*Gary Arndt: https://everything-everywhere.com/travel-blog-directory/

The Good Life France Magazine


Front cover of The Good Life France Magazine Spring 2022, spring in Paris

We publish a digital magazine in which we share great features in longer length and with really high quality photos. It has rapidly become one of the top English language magazines about France with more 2.7 million readers per issue. It is completely free to read online, and subscribe to: The Good Life France Magazine

The Good Life France Podcast

We have a regular podcast which launched in September 2022. It is in the top 5% of podcasts in the world. Find out more about The Good Life France Podcast.

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