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Domestic electricity in France and what you need to know about it

If you’re from the UK, the US or Australia or a whole raft of places where electricity is just something that comes into your house
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French Property Diagnostic Surveys

When selling a property in France it is a requirement to have a variety of compulsory and advisory diagnostics reports available to the buyer (acheteur)
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Installing electricity in France

Expats seem to be inextricably drawn to older properties in France – the history and the beauty of age are a great lure. Many of
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French Hot Water Tanks and Tarrifs

There is a high chance that as a home owner in France, you’ll be using an electric water tank to heat your water as this
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3 Phase electricity France

You buy your dream home in France, everything goes well and then you discover you have a 3 phase electricity supply. What does it mean?
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Tariffs for electricity in France

EDF, Electricité de france are the main supplier for electricity in France. EDF Bleu Ciel advises that they can offer two types of tariffs: Tarif
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Electricity in France

Electricity in France uses approximately 220 volts/50hz like most of the world outside of North America. If you come from a country where appliances are
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