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How Much Does it Cost to Install A Swimming Pool in France?

France is home to nearly 2.5 million swimming pools. Yes, you read that correctly! The latest statistics about swimming pools, show that France has the most private pools of any country in Europe. Of these 2.5 million, around 1.3 million are sunken pools, with the rest, above-ground structures. And if you’re wondering how much does it cost to install a swimming pool in France – then read on…

The cost of a swimming pool in France

Installing a swimming pool at your French retreat elevates long, lazy summer days to a blissful paradise, one that everyone, kids and adults alike, can enjoy. Imagine sipping a G&T as you lounge by the pool in your own back garden… However, it can be difficult to calculate the cost of installing one.

With Pools Direct, a British family-run business supplying French manufactured pools, your swimming pool installation couldn’t be easier. With more than 20 models of fibreglass pools for you to choose from, installation is quick and easy, with good planning, it can take just a week from start to finish. All their pools come in a range of four different colours and all are fitted with sunken steps. And all pools carry a 10-year guarantee, an essential assurance of quality you won’t be able to find everywhere.

Pools Direct’s most popular model is the Bali 8m x 4m which costs €14997 to buy. Generally, delivery is included, although sometimes there can be an extra cost – depending on your location. Plus there’s the cost of preparing the area for the pool – but thanks to the modern design and materials gravel can be used which keeps the cost down. And whilst most of their clients choose to do the plumbing and filtration themselves, if you don’t want to do that, you’ll need to factor that cost in.

So, let’s explore what you’re paying for when installing a fibreglass swimming pool in France.

What kind of swimming pool are you buying?

Pools Direct’s 10-year guarantee can reassure you of the pool’s longevity. In fact, fibreglass pools are known to last over 40 years, and unlike cheaper vinyl or concrete pools, which have a considerably shorter lifespan, they do not need to be resurfaced. The fibreglass body adjusts to external temperatures and pressures to prevent any cracking on the surface. So, with this investment, you’re saving on maintenance costs, and most importantly, essential repairs.

The high-quality of their fibreglass shells coated with a superior, anti-corrosion resin, is designed to last a lifetime. It means you’ll enjoy a pool that is resistant to UV, bacteria, chemicals, heat, and best of all, algae, the mortal enemy of swimming pool owners. Again this saves you money as you won’t rack up a cleaning bill constantly.

Finally, their pools can be adapted to suit all tastes and budgets. They are suitable for salt-water systems, that only require a salt-water chlorinator, and come in a range of sizes and colours.

What does the cost of a swimming pool include?

With Pools Direct, your pool supply cost includes all the essentials to ensure your pool is functional and safe to use straightaway.

First, the supply and delivery. Depending on the accessibility of your location, the fibreglass pool shell is craned into place – and yes, the cost of the crane is generally included, though Pools Direct advise that for some of the really difficult to access locations there may be extra charges.  In some cases, Pools Direct have even arranged helicopter deliveries! They deliver swimming pools all over the country and are proud of their customer service and their hundreds of happy clients.

You can fit the filtration yourself. However, should you need their assistance, Pools Direct can provide swimming pool plumbers to install all the necessary filtration systems. With these pools, the filter uses glass as opposed to sand, the more common choice. However, glass filters are considerably more efficient, and can remove minuscule particles that sand filters simply cannot detect, resulting in clearer, more pristine water.

The plumber will install a full filtration system including:

  • Skimmers
  • Pumps
  • Jets
  • Manifolds for multiple filters
  • Valves
  • Underwater lights
  • Control panels
  • Junction boxes

And all in a day’s work!

And last but not least, all taxes/TVA are included.

Is there a way I can reduce costs when installing the swimming pool?

If you’d like to cut costs, Pools Direct can offer you a DIY or semi/DIY option. This still includes placement, so your pool will be carefully craned into the prepared place (unless you’re in a really difficult to access location, as we said, there might be an extra cost in that case). If you have a contractor to do the work, or choose to do the work yourself, they will supply the dig out plan (see their gallery of photos showing how to install a pool). Pools Direct recommend you use their 24/7 free advice hotline. They will assist you throughout the entire process and provide guidance for doing your own groundwork. They are experts in the field of swimming pool installation and you’ll find them super helpful and happy to answer all questions.

Starter or test kits are provided for your use, and guidance is on hand when it comes to installing the filtration system – a simple ‘flow and return’ plumbing system. However, if you are wary about that aspect of the DIY, Pools Direct have a registered pool plumber should you need one.

By choosing a fibreglass pool, you can save costs on the installation because there is no need to install a concrete base. Instead, all you need is gravel! This not only saves you money on the installation but also time, as the process for concrete can take months. Gravel offers far more flexibility than concrete, meaning it works together with your fibreglass pool to ensure your pool paradise lasts a lifetime.

Find out more and pick a pool at poolsdirect.online

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