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We’re often asked about the opportunities for self-employed people in France, especially for foreigners and expats. In this article, we explore the role of being a self-employed agent for Leggett Immobilier International, a renowned family-run property agency founded by expat Trevor Leggett in 1998. With a strong commitment to delivering exceptional client service to both sellers and buyers, they have expanded their presence across France, boasting over 700 agents, all of whom, operate as self-employed professionals. We talked to Katherine Massard, a dedicated agent who has been part of the Leggett Immobilier team since the beginning of 2023.

Can you tell us what brought you to France?

I grew up in the southeast of England and embarked on my French adventure in 1999 as part of an Erasmus exchange program between the University of Hertfordshire and the Université Jean Monnet in Saint-Étienne, situated not far from Lyon. During my six-month stay, fate intervened when I fell in love with a handsome French soldier. Twenty-four years and three children later, I’m still here!

I currently reside near Saintes in Charente-Maritime, although I’ve lived in various places, including Bourges, Chambéry, and Mende (Lozère). We first settled in this region in 2004 after the birth of my second daughter, and despite subsequent moves, we always held a dream of returning to the picturesque west coast. When an opportunity arose to come back to the region, we seized it, and this time, we’re here to stay!

This region offers us the allure of sunshine and sandy beaches, without the scorching heat often associated with southern France.

Before joining Leggett as an agent, I worked as an English teacher for several years. My original aspiration, when I pursued my degree many years ago, was to work in journalism or become a writer. With the evolution of publishing since my graduation, this dream became a reality in 2018. Under the pen names Katherine E Hunt and Katy Hunter, I have published eighteen romance novels.

What’s it like working as a property agent for Leggett Immobillier

The training at Leggett Immobilier is truly exceptional. It is offered in both French and English, featuring extensive online modules that you can complete at your own pace, followed by a couple of days at the headquarters where you meet the team and reinforce your online learning.

The support is outstanding. Everyone is incredibly friendly and always eager to assist with any questions you may have. The team is proficient in both French and English, making it an ideal environment for English speakers residing in France, especially when tackling complex issues.

To succeed as an agent, being a people person is vital. This involves understanding your client’s needs and helping them achieve their goals, all with a friendly demeanor. Sometimes, you need to guide people toward their objectives, as buyers may not always have a clear idea of what they want or where they want to live. Utilising your knowledge of the area and attentive listening are key skills (while also acknowledging that the perfect house doesn’t always exist!). Organisation, effective communication, and strong teamwork are also essential because you can’t do this job alone!

It’s a team effort!

I am part of a team of four, comprising my coach, Julie, and my two colleagues, Louise and Katarina. We support one another whenever assistance is needed, and we enthusiastically raise a glass of Chardonnay to celebrate a successful sale! Additionally, I am part of a broader regional team that regularly convenes for training and mutual support. You’re never short of someone to provide guidance when you’re stuck or offer congratulations when you’ve had a great day.

I thoroughly enjoy meeting new people through my work. For instance, I have recently been working with a fellow novelist, who is selling a magnificent château in Charente-Maritime. This allows me to do my job while indulging in discussions about writing, so it’s a win-win!

I also appreciate the flexibility of this job, which grants me the time to write and care for my son, who suffers from a neurological disability, all while earning a living (since, unfortunately, writing alone doesn’t always pay the bills – unless you’re Lee Childs!).

Here’s a video about working for Leggett Immobillier

Visit the Recruitment Page of the Leggett Website: Leggett Immobilier Website

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