Map of chateaux 1-2 hours away


Chateau de Hautefort

One of the most important chateaux in the Périgord, Hautefort (pictured) is furnished with 17th and 18th century furniture, and is surrounded by a fine park and lovely terraced gardens Website


Chateau de Montreal

This castle was built in the 12th century and then added a chapel in the 16th century Website


One of the most beautiful chateaux in the region, Lanquais is often known as the ‘unfinished Louvre’ of the Périgord.  It has Renaissance-style furnished and decorated apartments  Website

Chateau de Monbazillac

Located in the Monbazillac vineyards, this chateau combines defensive battlements with gracious Renaissance touches. Taste the regional wines and dine in the chateau restaurant Website

Chateau de Castelnaud

A feudal castle, and museum of war in the middle ages, with excellent collection of weapons and instruments of warfare Website

Chateau d’Eyrignac

Lovely manor with stunning gardens, reputed to be one of the finest in France Website

Chateau de Fenelon

Furnished castle overlooking the Dordogne Valley, where the great Fenelon, author of ‘Telemarque’ was born in 1651 Website

Chateau de Losse

Outstanding 16th and 17th century decor and furniture. Spectacular view from terrace and gardens of the Vézère Valley Website

Chateau de Biron

Former barony of the Périgord, this historic castle has a 12th century donjon, a two-storey chapel, Renaissance apartments and an impressive vaulted kitchen Website