While in Brantôme, you should see some of the beautiful natural scenery by taking one of the walking routes.  These are just a selection from memory, but I highly recommend that you buy detailed maps and directions from the Brantôme tourist office.

You can usually find parking near the Jardin des Moines, the park over the river from the abbey, or over the road in the canoe place near the D78/road to Thiviers.


Walk 1: Brantôme along the Chemin Rural 4.3Km 1-1.30 hours

A pretty short walk along the chemin rural in the North of Brantôme.  You start the walk by taking the road for Thiviers, just outside Brantôme, and take a left turn behind the Hotel Fernandel, climb towards Puy Fournier and chez Ravaille.   Continue along towards La Claperie, then turn right towards La Coupelle, then Peyrelevade.  When you get to the tennis court, cross the D78 and take the route back to Brantôme Map

Walk 2: Brantôme to Champagnac de Belair  13Km 3-4 hours

This  walk takes you to Champagnac de Belair, a pretty town not far from Brantôme.  It is about 13Km long and takes about 3-4 hours depending on the return route.  You start the walk as per Walk 1.  After chez Ravaille, take a left then 100m on the right go towards Puylatour, la Borie, and Champagnac de Bélair. To return you can choose between retracing your steps or coming via Condat sur Trincou then Valade, cross the D78 and head for Puyjoubert before following the Dronne back to town Map

Walk 3: Brantôme via Subreroches 10Km 3-3.30 hours

Park near the Jardin de Moines, cross the D939 and past the post office join the GR436 chemin rural known as the Chemin de la Hierce.  Walk along here pas the cemetery, then turn right at 110 to reach 168, where you can turn right to reach the Subreroches, where you will have a magnificent view of the valley. Then go back to the GR436 where you will walk past the Moulin de Lombraud then the Fontaine d’Amour at the foot of Puyjoubert.  Return via the Chemin de la Hierce Map

Walk 4: Brantôme via Moulin de Vigonac 8Km 2-2.30 hours

Park near the Jardin de Moines, then take the chemin du Vert Galant towards the Moulin de Vigonac. Once there, take the chemin towards Chambone, cross the Dronne and then take a right back to Brantome.  Unfortunately the google map here doesn’t have all the chemins because they are so small, but the tourist office’s map is much more detailed Map