You’ll find some excellent bread in the little boulangerie down the rue Puyjoli (down from the tourist office, opposite the Abbey). It makes the best baguettes de campagne I’ve tasted in the area (pictured left.), as well as delicious croissants, fresh sandwiches, and much more.  Alternately, there is another boulangerie further down rue Puy Joli. The one in rue Victor Hugo is now closed.


Organic produce

Bio Joli, located also further down rue Puyjoli, is stocked with fresh vegetables, wine, coffee, bread and many other delicious items. Owners Stephane and Wendy moved here from Paris (Stephane is originally from the Perigord) to rediscover a more authentic way of life. ‘We grew up eating garden vegetables,’ says Stephane. ‘This venture represents our way of life.’ Make sure you try the delicious heirloom tomatoes (taste like real food!) and ground coffee.  31, Rue Puyjoli de Meyjounissas, Brantôme en Périgord 24310 Phone: +33 5 53 53 76 52.

Small supermarket

Also in rue Puyjoli, there is a small supermarket as you walk down from the tourist office. It has a good selection of everyday goods, along with pates, wines, cheeses, and other typical Perigordian fare!  There is also an Aldi within walking distance, on the avenue des Martyrs, on the left just before you enter the town of Brantome (from Angouleme). A little further out of town up the avenue du 8 Mai, is a large Carrefour.

Butcher – Traiteur

Getting good meat for a barbecue can be challenging but this butcher provides excellent quality tender meat as a rule.   In rue Victor Hugo.

Wines – Vins et Produits

Although you can buy wine almost everywhere in Brantome, there is a large wine shop in rue Victor Hugo, Julien de Savignac. It has a good selection of wines, including its own label 🙂 There is also a nice variety of Bergerac wines and local produce such as foie gras is available in a little shop on the right in the Boulevard Coligny, as you approach the gate to the Abbey.  Bio Joli stocks excellent organic wines, priced very reasonably.

Local delicacies

Another great shop for local delicacies such as foie gras and regional wines, located in the rue Victor Hugo near the bakery and butcher.

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