Cover1‘A strange shape on the wall caught her eye. Pamela crept towards it, fighting a growing sense of dread. When she saw what it was, she let out a blood-curdling scream.’

When Pamela and William Sinclair moved to France, their expectations were high. What could be more idyllic than living in a Renaissance château, feasting on local produce and elegant French wines?

They didn’t expect to be stalked by a serial killer, who prowled the countryside on the full moon. Nor did they anticipate a power struggle with Shirley Johnson-Smith, the self-styled ‘Queen of the Dordogne’.

Their challenges, ordeals and triumphs unfold in this comédie noire, set in a picturesque village in South-West France.

Kindle, softcover and hardcover versions available.

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* * * * *   “I loved this book! The author paints a beguiling picture of life as an expatriate in France, with an undertone of menace that contrasts nicely with the languor of life in the Dordogne. I really liked the very funny contrasts between perspectives of the British and the French characters – the author clearly knows these people very well! The plot kept me guessing until the end – I could not put it down for fear of missing some of the twists and turns. I won’t say more for fear of giving it away, but you will thoroughly enjoy the ride, and be very surprised at how it all turns out!”

* * * * *  “I enjoyed reading this – not too heavy. gets the right balance between the humour and ‘who done it’ murder mystery plot. it’s a great page turner.”

* * * * * “Great read; I thoroughly enjoyed the delightful romp through the French countryside. At times I really felt I was there.”

* * * * * “Although set in France, this book reminds me a little of Mapp and Lucia, the EF Benson series of the 20s and 30s. It’s an entertaining, witty, cracker of a read!”

* * * * * “A fun sprint through the Brit ex-pat community in the south of France. Social snobbery rules – and then there’s the serial killer running amok. A light and easy read.”

* * * * * “I thoroughly enjoyed it, and found it laugh out loud hilarious, literally!, in several scenes (because of the idiosyncrasies of the characters and their dialogue), and I found the serious parts felt quite serious. I also really enjoyed the transportive quality of the book and found myself wondering what happens next for the characters.”

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