BIO JOLI, an organic shop, is located in the centre of Brantome. Stocked with fresh vegetables, wine, coffee, bread and many other delicious items, this little store is tucked away at 31 rue Puyjoli, just down from the tourist office. Owners Stephane and Wendy moved here from Paris (Stephane is originally from the Perigord) to rediscover a more authentic way of life. ‘We grew up eating garden vegetables,’ says Stephane. ‘This venture represents our way of life.’  They use mostly local suppliers for their shop, and also listen to their customers, modifying their stock according to demand. Make sure you try the delicious heirloom tomatoes (taste like real food!) and ground coffee.  31, Rue Puyjoli de Meyjounissas, Brantôme en Périgord 24310 Phone: +33 5 53 53 76 52



If you’re looking for the perfect place to buy, borrow or read an second-hand book, then look no further than the charming Book Stop at 19 rue Victor Hugo in the centre of Brantome.

You can buy a book and go, but it’s much more fun to sit and read on the comfortable sofas!  ReadingareaOr outside in the pretty riverside garden.


Owner Howard Mccann sells English and French books, audiobooks, DVDs, all within this pretty tea room.Books




You’ll also find a range of unusual tea pots, and a piano!






19 rue Victor Hugo – 24310 Brantome 0951455749


Cover1‘A strange shape on the wall caught her eye. Pamela crept towards it, fighting a growing sense of dread. When she saw what it was, she let out a blood-curdling scream.’

When Pamela and William Sinclair moved to France, their expectations were high. What could be more idyllic than living in a Renaissance château, feasting on local produce and elegant French wines?

They didn’t expect to be stalked by a serial killer, who prowled the countryside on the full moon. Nor did they anticipate a power struggle with Shirley Johnson-Smith, the self-styled ‘Queen of the Dordogne’.

Their challenges, ordeals and triumphs unfold in this comédie noire, set in a picturesque village in South-West France.

Kindle, softcover and hardcover versions available.

Available on Amazon

* * * * *   “I loved this book! The author paints a beguiling picture of life as an expatriate in France, with an undertone of menace that contrasts nicely with the languor of life in the Dordogne. I really liked the very funny contrasts between perspectives of the British and the French characters – the author clearly knows these people very well! The plot kept me guessing until the end – I could not put it down for fear of missing some of the twists and turns. I won’t say more for fear of giving it away, but you will thoroughly enjoy the ride, and be very surprised at how it all turns out!”

* * * * *  “I enjoyed reading this – not too heavy. gets the right balance between the humour and ‘who done it’ murder mystery plot. it’s a great page turner.”

* * * * * “Great read; I thoroughly enjoyed the delightful romp through the French countryside. At times I really felt I was there.”

* * * * * “Although set in France, this book reminds me a little of Mapp and Lucia, the EF Benson series of the 20s and 30s. It’s an entertaining, witty, cracker of a read!”

* * * * * “A fun sprint through the Brit ex-pat community in the south of France. Social snobbery rules – and then there’s the serial killer running amok. A light and easy read.”

* * * * * “I thoroughly enjoyed it, and found it laugh out loud hilarious, literally!, in several scenes (because of the idiosyncrasies of the characters and their dialogue), and I found the serious parts felt quite serious. I also really enjoyed the transportive quality of the book and found myself wondering what happens next for the characters.”

triangleDelicious local dishes and tasty pizzas are available at one of Brantome’s most charming cafe restaurants, set in a Troglodyte grotto in the centre of town. Au Triangle Gourmand’s new signature dish is a mouth-watering duck-mince burger served with roast potatoes and walnut and foie gras salad.

You’ll also enjoy a wide variety of pizzas, expertly cooked by artisans. You can take away or you can eat there, in the grotto or outside near the river.

28, boulevard Coligny, Brantome

+33 5 53 09 19 86











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Just 10 minutes north of Brantôme, you will find Brantôme Police Horses – a parkland sanctuary dedicated to the care, rehabilitation and lifetime support of retired police horses from the UK.

These formerly hard-working horses have spent their lives in stressful conditions, much like the war horses of yesteryear.  When it’s time for them to retire, there are very few places for them to go.  Roland and Alison Phillips started this venture to provide them with a retirement haven, and work tirelessly to raise funds to support the cause.  They organise many fund-raising events and welcome visitors to the centre.  For more information:

Brantôme has some great places to eat, although since it is a ‘tourist’ town you also have to be a little careful where you go.

If you are looking for a good quality place to eat light food, then go no further than the Bar du Marche in the main square, opposite the Abbey (pictured left).  On a sunny day do get there early because they tend to fill up very quickly at lunchtime.

Check the Where to Eat section for further information.

When you are in Brantôme, don’t forget to take a look at L’Arbre du Voyageur, an exotic and innovative gift boutique located in Brantôme itself, just down the road from the Porte des Réformés (seen pictured below), in the Boulevard de Coligny.

Set within a chalky limestone cavern, the interior of this former Troglodyte house is now graced by two beautiful trees that have been crafted by owner Didier Bouillet.

You’ll find quality products from Paris and beyond, a wide range of exotic teas from ‘Le Palace des Thes’, beautifully presented spices, lovely La Durance toiletries, fantasy figurines, and unique jewellery.

Thanks for joining us on the Brantôme Insiders Guide, a collection of   insider tips on  where to eat, what to see, where to shop, and a wide variety of things to do in Brantôme, one of the most beautiful historic towns in the Dordogne region of France.

All recommendations are based on first hand experience of residents of the area.

We hope you enjoy this Insider’s Guide to Brantôme, and have a wonderful holiday in France!

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