Eric Simonin

Eric Simonin is a talented ‘glass blower’ who produces a fascinating range of items, from rings, to lamps and bowls, all created by this unusual and highly delicate technique. His shop is just down from the abbey, near the walled entrance.

Cellier des Moines

Nice postcards, baskets, local butterscotch, jars of Périgord delicacies – a good shop for unusual food items, patés, and other. Near the abbey entrance

Les Bohemiens

This interesting boutique is located on the route de Perigueux just past the Gendarmerie on the right, before Carrefour.  The shop includes a range of women’s clothing & accessories, body products, beautiful refurbished furniture and home decor items

Brantôme branded items

Although a little kitch, we all occasionally like to buy a useful kitchen item branded with a memento of the stay. This shop in the narrow pedestrian street in the centre of town, rue Victor Hugo, sells all types of dishes and other items adorned with a picture of Brantôme Abbey.